Free Night Tour by the Barrio Santa Cruz

Join us to discover the idyllic Santa Cruz neighborhood, the old Jewish quarter of Seville in a mysterious and nocturnal atmosphere.

Come and enjoy the most particular neighborhood of Seville under the spell of the night. From its Muslim origin, to its conversion to a Jewish quarter and later to a Christian quarter.

Enter its alleys and Andalusian patios to discover all those secrets and legends related to the most picturesque characters of Seville as the Jewish Susona, Miguel Mañara or the spirit of Barabbas.

In our tour you can enjoy from the hardest and darkest stories of the old Jewish quarter, as well as the funny and comical adventures of the historical characters who walked through our city. All this under the dim light provided by the period street lamps.

We will find some of the most beautiful squares of Seville, such as the Plaza de Doña Elvira or the Plaza de Santa Cruz. We will explain the relationship of the great painter Murillo with the neighborhood, or legends such as that of the Beautiful Susona. We will visit the Church of Santa María la Blanca, one of the jewels of the city.

Get lost with us in its labyrinthine streets!

Schedules: (Spring – summer) 22h, (Fall – winter) 20h.


Price: Free

-Gardens of Murillo  

-Saint Mary the White  

-Green Street  

-Palace of the Padilla  

-Crosses Street  

-Refiner’s Square  

-Santa Cruz Square  

-Alfaro Square  

-Water Alley  

-Plaza de los Venerables  

-Dona Elvira Square  

-Susona Street  

-Street Life  

-Alley of the Jewish quarter  

-Flag yard  

-Santa Marta Square.

*The free tours do not have a fixed price, but at the end each person gives the guide the amount they consider based on their satisfaction.

* All tours last approximately 2 hours